by The Ignored

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Recording and Mixing by Laurent Renders at Sugarbeat Studio and his private project studio.

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New York, USA. 2013


released September 13, 2013

Funtime Records



all rights reserved


The Ignored Belgium

The Ignored is Kenny Delobel (Vocals+guitar), Benoit Vanquaethem (Vocals+guitar), Bert Vandaele (Bass+vocals), Olivier Windels (Drums) and has been around since 2006.

We play straight ahead melodic punkrock in the veins of The Bouncing Souls and Strike anywhere. We've released our first full length in 2010 called "Act like you care", which was recorded at the life trip studio in Slovenia.
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Track Name: Moralism VS Materialism
Do you ever wonder how the other half dies?
You lay your head to sleep on cozy pillows
and a shitload of sheets
But there’s a majority no one seems to care about
Disrupted from their family
Taken by someone
We call it modern slavery

Going to the market shopping for a personal slave
Maybe just one or should you take two?
Someone must do the dirty work
And you think he is disposable
That’s the way you see it
It’s just a man without a name

No history
No cultural background
The wealth of his country crushed by the western ego
No chance for a better existence
You call it 3rd world countries while it should be
The heart of this planet
The soul off it all
Time to fight this modern slavery
Freedom for all!!!

Hidden behind a legal smoke screen
A lawyer will take care
Because when money talks
No one opens their mouth
And it indirectly affects every single one of us

Learn to read between the lines
Possession of the body and mind of someone of your kind

Do you ever wonder how the other half dies?
Or what’s going through their minds?
Are their lives just a waste of your precious time?
You use and abuse them
Till they bend and brake
Track Name: From The Heart
Hey man you know I wrote everything
I need to know about you
In the palm of my hands
Faith is all there needs to be said
About how I feel as the sweat on my hands erases it all
It remains in my heart and in my head
From the fights when we were kids
To everything we’ve build up through the years

I’m sure everything will turn out just fine for you and I
I admire the decisions that you make
The things that you believe in
The energy you give me

I couldn’t wish for a better brother
We’ve been through shit together
But always found our way out
I’ve always seen so much in you
This one is for us we’ll drink a whisky and
Talk about the past and everything there is to come

I don’t care if it’s good or bad
I’ll be the fist in your fights
and the helping hands when you fall
In the end I’ll be the voice
when you need the strength to shout

Let’s go! Let’s do this
We’ll see what happens next
Let’s go! Let’s do this
Let’s keep it the way it is
Let’s go! Let’s do this
We’ll be the ones
Let’s go! Let’s do this
We were when we first met
Track Name: Wrapped Up Ideals Burning
Our hands may be tied but we’re able to run
We’ve had enough
It took too long to take these steps
We’re off on a new road
We’ve been patient for too long
It’s time for change

We need to do it now because
the ones in charge are incapable
Unable to get it done
Someone should cut their wages

It’s our time, the squares, the roads
Must become our stages
We need to protest as talk seems to be so cheap
And it’s getting us nowhere

Our whole nation is at war
We’re faced with it every single day
Newspapers, TV or radio, no one is talking positive
Our languages may not be the same
But we all know we need the same

Let’s send in a Molotov
Let’s do it peacefully
As quiet as they are with the information
They’re giving us just to keep us in formation
The fire will make them see the light

We can’t even trust the media
Everyone’s got a hand in someone else’s pockets
They’re either digging or filling
But we’re running
We keep moving destination anywhere but the present
Like puppets on a string
But some got more strings attached than the others

Pacts are made, but broken the day after
Hands are shook, but fingers are crossed behind their backs
Laughter at the lenses just to show their goodwill
Yet their heads are filled with money and discontent

They don’t want things to change
They want us to forget how it used to be
We need to bring it back to the streets
It’s something for the masses not something for the few
Track Name: The Control Room
What a perfect day to take someone’s life
A room for guests
The bigwigs get the best seats
Just a quick spot to take a drink at the cozy chairs
How are the children?

Be quiet the show is about to start
Gazing through the window
Face to face with the monster
This man no longer deserves to live

The priest is giving his last rites
Whether he believes or not
While the belts are already tightened
Any last words best man?

You murdered and raped
You stole and you lied
This time it’s eye for an eye
You don't have regrets
and you didn't learn from your mistakes
We have the right to take your life

The auditorium is full the show begins
You sit there alone
Your life is over
Flashes through your mind
The executioner will do the dirty work

Thank God we still have death penalty
It’s unnecessary to think about
When a push on the button or a lethal injection
is enough

You murdered and raped
You stole and you lied
This time it’s eye for an eye
You don't have regrets
and you didn't learn from your mistakes
We have the right to take your life

As everything is over
The room is empty and life goes on
Nobody wonders and no one is asking questions
Is there no other way?
Track Name: More Than Just The Bloodline
In the eye of the storm I was waiting
While the world was falling down on me
I should've known that everything eventually passes by
Only the moment when I couldn't choose

Can you pull me out of this spiral
Do I even want to get out
This part has found me
I refuse to change
I can tell you this I will never adapt

I've got to learn to walk again
Learning how to communicate
Teach me how to listen it's so hard to listen
When the content of everything seems so pointless
It's hard to stay focused
when there's only one thing on your mind

The time I have left
Between my first and my last breath
Will mean everything to me
We never had a conversation

Yet you've learned me so much
Your time had come when mine just started ticking
So I'm spitting out words thoughts
and I will never mince words

Sometimes it all seems so desperate
How hard it is to miss what we never knew
All the energy all the good things I owe to my friends
When everything seems likely to fail
When everything looks bad
I'm stretching my arms and I'm letting myself fall
(Knowing there's always someone to rely on)

You wanted us to be a part of you
Like some kind of family
I can tell you I've never felt so close
To anyone as I do now
This is more than just the bloodline
This will never end
As long as our hearts keep beating
They'll keep beating for you
Just for you
Track Name: Dic(k)tators
The little dictator is pouting
I clearly see that you care nothing about the message of this song
You wrap yourself in it to hide what you're really all about
The very same things that bring us to complete

And utter destruction,
Prejudice, hatred and racism
That is what you feed on

Mindsets like yours confound the entire concept of peace and goodwill
How fucking low can a so-called “human being” go?
I will not hate you
I will totally ignore you
Track Name: Connecting Dots
Connecting dots
That will eventually turn out
As the perfect drawing that
They wanted it to be

Yet you're so proud
Cause you got it right
It has always been that way
You think you're in charge

You got the tools, you might have the brains
But it's so absurd, you walk their paths
You even speak their words
Sit back and laugh
Clap when they clap

We are here, thanks to the few who stood up
When no one had the balls
When no one gave a fuck
They opened up my eyes
They made me realize
I must reject everything that you respect

We need to stand up and unite
Don't let the world just pass us by
There's no time for great ideas
We're forced to learn from the thinkers of the past
This is the west
There's nothing new here for us

I respect those who fight for their believes
Who repeat what's been said a thousand times before
Just in case you haven't heard it yet!

We need to stand up and unite
Don't let the world just pas us by
Track Name: Paths We Cross
Every road is long though it might seem short
From north to south and back again
I’ve been traveling for so long without a reason
I was running from the past (and hiding for the future)

This journey is no growing to an end
The small streets are turning into highways
But I still see the empty signs that pretend
They point the way to home sweet home

I cannot speak instead of you
Or make the choices I know you should take
These words you spoke but you never did say
The choices you took have turned into darkened dreams

You woke up and all that was left
Were the ashes of a thousand thoughts
You were drifting away from the edges
And the dark winds kept persuading your soul
But every road leads to where we go

And where we go is where we've already been
Home it’s just a word we know
It’s the place where we want to be again

Home is nothing but a choice we all must make
From day to day each for himself
Home it’s just another road or just another place
Where you put your mind at ease
Track Name: Chained Freedom
Packed up and happy
A temporary flee
Summer’s arriving
In far eastern Europe

We’re climbing their mountains
And swimming their rivers
We’re into a country
Where no one is leading

Happy to miss
Some kind of horizon
Locating a spot
In the steep craggy mountains

At the end of the day
In the shade of a tree
We’re counting our money
And thickening our dreams

All doing their business
All searching for happiness
All drying their tears
While no one is leading

Packed up like dirt
In the back of a truck
On to a country
Where no one is leading

In reach of the towers
On uncultivated soil
Building a settlement
Guided by memories
Track Name: The Race To Zero
I’m standing in the open fields
Watching my whole harvest burn
Everything I worked for my entire life
Seems to vanish in just a split second

I've already walked the bridges you've set on fire
My skin is soaking wet
It’s dripping from life
I’m ready for this
I’m willing to let go

Here I am next to your big city
This is my place
These burning fields of meaningless harvests
It cost me a lifetime
It costs you a simple nod with your head

To set it off
To let it roll
Just destroy
Every brick that’s carefully been put to place
This constant uphill race
To zero has got me beat

It’s time to feed the fire
on the bridges that are already burning.

Surrounded by insanity
Trying hard to understand
Why you're so dehumanized
You don't make them yourself
Words are chosen by the ones around you
Dreams destroyed by you

It’s a never ending battle of a twisted mind
It sickens me
This luxury to create and destroy
The paved roads of the city are leading straight to the fields
Where I'm standing
Laughing as the flames are closing in

It all starts and ends with zero!